Hotfix 4.9.5

18 April

Hotfix 4.9.5

Liar Ahead’ Challenge should now trigger more consistently.

Tower Dasher’ Challenge has seen some changes:

  • Hot-joining players are no longer eligible for challenge.

  • Timer now starts when intro-cinematic ends.

Tower of Treachery fixes:

  • Fixed a closed gate and a snow pile which had no collision.

  • Fixed some lights, textures and materials which could disappear when viewed from certain angles.

  • Fixed some textures and materials which could display a lower quality variant (LOD).

  • Fixed a jumping route which looked possible but wasn’t in the room with the wards.

  • Fixed some spots where players (and some where bots) could get stuck.

  • Fixed some spots with invisible walls which didn’t make sense.

  • Fixed an area where players would try to path to players in a manner that didn’t make sense.

  • Fixed various areas with some materials engaged in a z-fight.

  • Fixed an area where an invisible blocker would eat friendly ranged attacks.

  • Fixed an couple of out of bounds spots where players could leave the play area.

  • Fixed a door that a hotjoining player could not pass through if they joined the match after the door was opened.

  • Fixed an issue where the Canon wouldn’t animate correctly.

Other Game Fixes:

  • Fixed a pretty random crash caused by players jumping on Righteous Stand.

  • Fixed crash when joining an instance of The Enchanter’s Lair after previously having completed the gargoyle puzzle in a previous run of the map during the same game session.


  • Patch 4.9.0 included some changes to the internal Lua garbage collection systems that reduced the time spent in the collector significantly, netting an overall FPS increase. While for most players this has been beneficial, we have received reports of players experiencing frequent freezes due to the collector not being able to keep up. An initial investigation determined the freezes are more likely to occur when running mods and on specific hardware combinations. We’re reverting the changes for now while we investigate further.

  • Added extra logging to help diagnose Lua deadlock crashes.


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Should have been:

  • Fixed an area where enemies would try to path to players in a manner that didn’t make sense.

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