Horrible clipping and visual glitches on female Veteran textures for some Chest Pieces (including penance rewards!). Please kindly fix

Since you want cosmetics to be main drive, currency sink, penances rewards and monetization, please put effort into them and make sure they are not clipping mess like this one. This is unacceptable for “reward” skins and 5 days before launch.

**Issue Description: Clipping and visial glitches on the following chest pieces type (it’s the same “heavy armored” type of chest), like shown Killshot’s Duty Uniform or Dead-Eye’s Duty Uniform. You can see texture clipping through it, skin of character clipping through it. It looks horrible and I ask myself why I even did that challenges. This seems however to only happen on FEMALE Veteran model.

**Steps to Reproduce: Create Female Veteran with Maximum Height (I might be wrong but it seems worse the higher you are), equip heavy chest pieces like Killshot’s Duty Uniform or Dead-Eye’s Duty Uniform. Watch glitches on character poses or on ready screen before mission.

**Platform: PC/Steam

**Reproduction Rate: 100%, textures are broken.

**Upload Supporting Evidence:

Gaps in textures, background clipping through, right hand clips through forearm part of armor:


Seems to only be on Female model (again, max height one on me left):

Skin Clipping through HORRIBLY during this position or starting screen before mission (on both forearms):

To continue on that since I see it was not acknowledged at all, here are more clipping and glitches in new armor cosmetic I just bought where belt is clipping when moving and dissapearing in character model…

Seriously… With so little and basic cosmetics in game, can’t you at least make sure they are properly rendered? Is this the quality of cosmetics in game where you expect it to be game goals or monetization drive?

Thank you for your report. Any chance you could list the name of all affected cosmetics? Or is it just Killshot’s Duty Uniform & Dead-Eye’s Duty Uniform?

I will check when I am online and let you know.

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Ok, so it seems it only glitches that much for ONE specific type of chest pattern, which is the one with longest sleeves and “heavy” armor. But it’s ALL OF THE CHEST ARMORS that use the same sleeve pattern. The pattern I am taking about are these kind of:

(and all other recolors of above chest “heavy” pattern with that type of sleeves)

Also it seems (can’t confirm 100%) that it’s mostly (most glitches) on Female model vs male model. Here you can see my Female Vet standing next to Male vet and there is not texture glitch on right arm on male:

The following sleeve patterns do not have those glitches:

And as you can see here (Killshot duty uniform “heavy” sleeves pattern vs Gun’s Hand Duty with normal sleeve pattern):


Let me know if you need anything else.

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Also adding the following glitching/clipping with Veteran second penance helmet. Does someone tests those cosmetics together before putting them in game? It’s so easy to spot immidietly. It clips through EVERY SINGLE VETERAN CHEST armor cosmetic since all of them have collar.

Also on this cosmetic (Killshot’s Duty Unifrom) the third pouch is placed so it clips through whole arm. Moving all three pouches more to the middle of the chest would fix this as then the third one would be in position of second one and not clip through arm. Test those and new cosmetics before releasing them please:

I also noticed some clipping on the leather gloves of the female Killshot’s Duty Uniform - weirdly though, they are inconsistent. I first noticed them in a mission, they’re less pronounced in the psycanum apparently.

EDIT: Here it is in a mission. Look at the lower part of the screen, that patchy mess is supposed to be a glove