Horn of Magnus - spot where players and bots could get stuck near the first grim location

In Horn of Magnus, in the room where the first grim is, there’s a spot where both players and bots could get stuck.

In the screenshots below, only the Bardin player got stuck at first, then bot Saltzpyre soon followed him. Apparently, Slayer Bardin can’t use his ult to get out of that spot.

Console log:
console-2018-12-28-13.07.26-FC344C23-8A42-4E5B-BABD-0EE0 stuck player and bot in Horn of Magnus.log (1.2 MB)

I had this exact same thing happen to me. You get stuck in a “falling” state, I think, and so can’t jump, crouch, or (in Slayer’s case) use his ult.

I’ve had enemy models get stuck in that very spot.

They become unkillable once stuck in there.


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