Hook rat has more reach after a player got assassin'd

I’ve seen this multiple times but only saved one instance of this happening.
It has very consistently happened the moment after a player got assassin’d.

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It’s hard to see on your screen, but isn’t this just illusion? Doesn’t this happen because you are still in the animation of getting rescued from the assassin and you get grabbed meanwhile and then your character animation catches up and it seems that you got hooked from far away, while in reality you just got grabbed during the standing up animation?

edit: never mind, you just got stuck on the wall and the hook kept running. Very hard to see if you got grabbed from far away, as we don’t see where the hook is standing when you got grabbed.

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I get what you mean, but I’m pretty sure a hook rat doesn’t walk back this distance this quickly when hooking someone. That’s why I’m going with the assumption that they somehow get more reach, however small it may be.
I could be wrong but I’ve seen it happen to others multiple times.

Yes i’ve seen it happen aswell. Maybe you got grabbed trough the wall? How was your ping in this particular game?

And yes i don’t know how fast hook rats walk back, it does seem like he grabbed you from far away, hard to tell.

I remember having around 110~ ping. The video used is from August.

I’m pretty sure in the video that the hook rat did not grab me through the wall. I think it looks that way since the hook initially somehow moved me backwards instead of directly towards the hookrat.

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Theres your answer.

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