Holding Right Click When Reloading Prevents You From Switching Weapons

I’ve noticed recently that reloading in mid-combat can cause you to take one or more hits if you’re holding right click in anticipation of a block. It happens as follows:

  • You shoot
  • Reloading animation starts
  • If you’re holding right click first and you’re trying to switch weapons, the reloading animation doesn’t cancel but instead keeps going until it ends
  • If you’re not holding right click first, you can switch weapons as freely as usual

This is an inquiry about this odd interaction. My general experience with this has been with weapons that zoom, like the handgun and the regular crossbow, and I can only assume that the game thinks you want to aim down sights ASAP since you can’t switch weapons until you either stop holding right click, or the reload animation finishes completely.

I personally think this interaction makes the flow between switching weapons in combat less fluid, as it adds an extra (and, in my opinion, unneeded) layer of micro-management when switching weapons in combat and you’re trying to block in intense situations.

Why would holding right click when the reloading animation starts make that animation take priority over switching your weapons? You might have a need to shoot a priority target and then block straight after, but if you’re not aware of this interaction you risk taking free hits from the enemies.

Unless this is very much intended, I humbly suggest that switching to blocking melee should take priority over reloading when holding right click in combat.

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