Hints on learning the Psyker, please?

Hello mates,

I’m looking to get into the Psyker, and am honestly somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of options and choices. Could some experienced Psykers please chime in and share their wisdom?

I tried searching online but due to frequent updates a lot of information seems outdated - I found only one guide updated for Carnival (Steam guide by Pygex) and would be happy to watch/read some more.

I’m specifically looking to play team support role until while exping (and probably beyond that), so using staves to avoid taking ammo and Telekine Dome for providing cover. Could you please suggest which talents and equipment choices you’d recommend to that end?

Thanks a lot for any and all help!

As a Psyker main, but mostly a gunker (the staves all feel kinda wrong to me, just like all of Sienna’s did in VT), all’s I really want to say is that the small shields are superior (but I’d love for someone to change my mind)!

With small shields you don’t get 360 coverage or toughness regen, but you do get 2x charges and superior coverage.

The two charges let you more freely use them to protect the team from the odd muties/bursters/dogs/etc. that often throw off the pace of an engagement. This can cover your team on the way out of somewhere or the way in. And in the middle of a fight, they make disablers look so silly.

And I think the coverage is better because, with good placement, you can block far and near threats, like shotgunners who jump up on you. And you can even spend both shields to mimic the big shield’s 360 for rezzing or other situations where the team is pinched.

The final coverage benefit is that the shield doesn’t become a bullet sponge for non-threats, meaning the small ones last longer.


This is my go to psyker build for general purpose play:

Brainburst is an amazing blitz when coupled with empowered psionics. You can kill specials and deal major damage/kill orgryns while dealing AoE soulblaze damage to soften up other enemies.

Telekine done is amazing and alongside various talents you can have a lot of uptime on it. It protects your team super well and synergizes well with brain burst.

This works well with voidstrike or trauma staff. Voidstrike is a little easier to learn and has great horde clear and damage. Trauma does better job staggering and dealing with masses or armored elites and the like. Both have left clock attacks that can deal with stray shooters pretty well.

Illis force sword is amazing for horde clear, and with deflector gives you some major defensive strength if you’re caught in the open versus a bunch of enemies.


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