Hidden character in the tower

While jumping around outside the tower next to the training dummies a yellow silhouette appeared several times inside the tower. Same silhouette that shows up inside missions when players are behind walls etc.

Anyone else see this ?

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Don’t play with my heart like this, are you sure? You’re not tripping?

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Maybe just somebody entered Katrinne hideout ?

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Could be a glitch of some sort but from what I can tell it looks very much like said silhouette. I’ve been moving about outside the tower for a good 20 minutes now and I’ve seen it 4 or 5 times. I can’t find any specific place from where the silhouette appears regularly and when it shows it’s only for the briefest of moments. Either a glitch or something is moving around in that tower. I say moving around as that would explain why it’s hard to see as it could be moving in and out of range

If anyone wants to try for themselves it’s on the side where the rope is attached


This tower?

Or this tower?

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yeah thats the one. First tower. I was jumping around on the box that’s next to the armored dummies

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What’s your ‘Player Outline’ setting? On, or Always On?
And were you alone in the keep?
What character were you playing?

Also this thread should probably be in the Fatshark Lounge, not feedback, I presume. I don’t think I can move it, though.

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It’s set to on. Yeah just me. So alone or am I… hmm. Ranger vet.

Looking at your top picture there is light coming from the room which the outline was shown as well.

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It seems there is a lit candle on the wall which can be seen from the doorway between the training yard and the keep. Could be the candle that I saw through the wall.

I assume this is perhaps an easter egg from FS for that new character or whatever is coming up? That keep is wierd place.

Im standing on the roof of the main hall (where you first spawn in) and looking in the windows but cant see anything. Where in the tower did you see it? (edit: I also just realised this was from 2 months ago, sorry)

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You can get into the tower through a secret passage behind lohner’s emporium :eyes:


There’s a video of it in YouTube.

Also, if the character is anyone it’s Catrinne. She likes the roof, or so I’ve heard.

There’s no Emporium on PS4, so no secret passages for me :skull: :skull:

It could’ve been another player if you were playing with people. I like hanging out over there sometimes.