Helmeted voicelines and a request for Invulnerability

Thought these two topics were small enough to combine.

I was having so much fun with my Heavy Stubber Bullgryn, super fun to play and listen to. Not sure if it is a release change or if it was always in the beta, but my helmet makes my Ogryns voice…unlistenable. I hate it, I HATE it! What’s worse, it doesn’t make sense as it’s an OPEN FACE helmet. Why is it robotizing my voice?!

Also, it feels super bad to load in and IMMEDIATELY get trapped, sniped, charged, jumped, whatever, before you can even get your bearings and realize yes, you finally loaded in and what the situation is. I haven’t paid much attention to teammates, so I don’t know when the changeover from a bot happens, but please add an immunity to damage and CC for 4 seconds after the client reports it’s loaded in.