Headgears not changing voice

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Hello, i bought for zealot a corroded chem-filter and cyclopean pain hood head gears and they seem to not change characters voice at all.
Psyker’s tarnished rebreather harness is also not changing the voice as well.

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Description shows that all of those 3 items are supposed to change the voice.
In game they do ‘‘nothing’’.
Voice that my zealot has is the judge.
Voice that my psyker has is the savant .

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Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam


I think most of the paid masks currently that are supposed to modulate character’s voice aren’t working. Honestly, this is absolutely baffling, how this keeps happening over and over. It’s like Fatshark doesn’t have QA and general players spending time on collecting info and reporting bugs.


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Hi, sry for such a late reply. Could you please give me the full names of these masks as it appears in you inventory?


Got it:
Tarnished Rebreather Harness
Cyclopean Pain Hood
Corroded Chem-Filter

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Sorry to hear. I think we somehow managed to lessen the effect on certain masks. I’m fixing it now. Also, we have been a bit restricted on how much different run-time effects we can have on masks. Its about to change in the next upcoming big update this summer. So hopefully we can deliver more unique and interesting mask effects going forward.


Not only do paid helmets mostly not change the sound, but all penance helmets with sound modification marks have no practical effect.
That sound-modified mark doesn’t really mean anything

I really hope that the next update will fix all of these issues and not leave out some helmets, and you guys really need someone to test out how each cosmetic with a sound modification actually works.