Halescourge and Fort Brachsenbrucke bug reports

Exhibit A): A screen detailing ing where a facepatrol spawned:

Exhibit B): A screen showing where bots notoriously get stuck at the beginning of the map if you jump over the railing instead of going back using the stairs.

Exhibit… 3)? A screen showing where bots fairly commonly try to kill themselves over well-deserved inferiority complexes by jumping into the river.

Exhibit, J) or something, not very good at alphabets: Another screen depicting a popular bot suicide spot.

This is where, on Fort Brachsenbrucke champion I believe, we lost a tome after someone exchanged it for a heal. It just disappeared apparently. The same seems to have happened once or maybe even twice more over the past 2 days to me/my group on other maps. I think here I picked up a healing draught while carrying a tome, and the tome just vanished.

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