Grail Knight: Okri Challenge script bug

Game crashed with a script bug having to do with the challenge “Vanquisher of Plague” (complete act 1 maps without failing). I first completed Righteous Stand. Then tried Convocation of Decay and failed. But instead of waiting for the defeat screen I left the game as soon as I went down (all bots had already died).

The game crashed with a script error (some database script, too tired to reproduce now). When I started the game again I still had the Righteous Stand objective completed. So I played Convocation again and failed, but waited for the defeat screen this time. This time Righteous Stand had been removed.

So leaving early on defeat will crash the game but not reset objectives. Probably allowing players to “cheat” through these 3 vanquisher challenges.

Will attach the error message if I happen to trigger this again.
I played solo.

Unsure if it had to do with the challenge now since I got the error when leaving early after defeat without having progress on the challenge.

Error message:
GUID: bad5613e-fb29-41a9-82fe-43fe6f7db95e
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/managers/backend/statistics_database.lua:445: attempt to index local ‘stat’ (a nil value)

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