Got stuck as Warrior Priest in the first half of Arena of Determination

Date & Version: June 29th, Hotfix 4.7.1
Platform: PC/Steam

Issue Description

I used hammer and tome’s charged against the incoming (I think it was Rotblood horde?) in the Arena of Determination map when I got stuck under the ground. The map was the Nurgle variation and with miasma modifier.

I was near back left corner of the central tower (when looked from starting location) and using Tome’s charged attack against horde, when I clipped under the snowbank and I wasn’t able to get out from there. I had to leave the game, which sucked because I was also the host.


Other Information/Comments

Since this happened before the hotfix, there’s a chance that this was fixed in it, but I thought it’s a good idea to report the issue nevertheless.

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