Good work Fatshark, Red Shell gone!

Fatshark is a meaningful company and it will continue to please us, one step at a time.

I appreciate this patch as it really solidifies our trust in you.


Oh yeah… i´m so glad it´s gone now… It´s not like I just have to open the Browser or use my Smartphone to get more tracked than Redshell will ever do… Even my Country or my Neighbours know more about me, than Redshell…


I didn’t even know what red shell was, but thanks for informing me!

Now we just need to work on getting rid of Blue shells…

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I’ve done a bit of research on it since all the hullabaloo broke out. Honestly, it doesn’t seem to be as malevolent as many sources are saying. It think the main issue is it was slipped into many games without any word and once the trigger words “data collection” were heard everyone panicked.

It actually seems like a pretty fair marketing analytics tool based on its own merit, but it all depends on if the developers themselves properly use the security features and/or attach a third party marketing company to it. That’s where it can get questionable.

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