Game crashes at startup after purchase

Picked the game up last night, but trying to start it today has resulted in multiple crashes and errors. I’ve verified game files, uninstalled the game and reinstalled, did a clean reinstall of my GPU driver, also tried repairing the Anti-Cheat as mentioned in another forum post. This is the latest error I got:

GUID: 2cb60e3f-23f1-42bc-bb31-0258665d7659
Log File:
Info Type:

In-game message mentions corrupt game data in block 0.

Here’s another message I just received while trying to start again:

GUID: 05949014-9932-4774-a456-d140930e9766
Log File:
Info Type:

Any advice would be appreciated.

Perhaps verify the game files on steam or go through other drivers to make sure they’re up to date? I’d guess verifying the files on steam should do it if its a corrupt game data error, but I don’t really know.

Persistent data corruption errors are admittedly still a mystery to us, but we do have a list of potential causes which we’ve put together based on other players experiences. Please see here.

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