Game crash,High setting RTX3080,i7-12700f

darktide_launcher.log (963.8 KB)
My game keep crashing, sometimes happen right after I finish the mission.
Sometimes in game, sometimes during entering the game, and also disconnect from server.
What is happening?

Could you also share a crash report with us, please?

crash_dump-2023-01-24-12.15.11-874aca6b-a227-42b2-af43-0b1112267b37.dmp (895.0 KB)
Is it this one? there are a lot of files.

GUID: c0753227-48e9-469e-8b43-436f88a77437
Log File:
Info Type:


It looks like you’re experiencing our notorious GPU-related crashes, unfortunately. Our developers are on the case.