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Is it just me or have peoples avatars disappeared here on the forum? I’ve notice a lot of people have just got blank spots where their picture would be, or letters is they didn’t have a avatar.



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I noticed it about a week ago. I’ve still got sight on a lot of avatars, though. Perhaps the generic ‘Letter of your Username’ Avatars are broken at the moment?

For instance, @LuiKangBakingAPie, I remember you having a letter but not an uploaded avatar and I can no longer see yours (don’t know if you changed it or not, sorry if I am calling that wrong!).

But I can still see @Yzneftamz, @SmokerT69, @beardeddragon1225, @Maddred, @Angerblaze, and @Argonaut14. Crew; are you seeing the same things? Are any of these folks missing?

I’m halfway trying to help troubleshoot and also hoping to clarify my own sanity.

I noticed the same. For instance, I can’t see @LuiKangBakingAPie’s avatar… But I just realized that we have Lisa Ann on the forum hahahaha


Idd, this situation began a few days ago. I also do not see letter avatars.

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I have noticed some users’ avatars disappearing, and I thought it would be the default letters too. But I can see some of them (including @LuiKangBakingAPie’s) just fine. Others, though, seem to have disappeared altogether, and even the “halo” that is shown around the icon in thread list to denote online user (I think) is just a “glowy” dot. So the issue is something else, and not that simple.

Not that is a significant issue, really.

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For me all people without custom avatars (meaning having a letter and color) do no longer show up.

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People who have uploaded their own picture are showing, everyone else is a black circle with a white kind of skull thing.

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Yesterday when @LuiKangBakingAPie replied, I could see his avatar. Today it’s gone. I wonder if they’re slowly purging them or something.

@Fatshark_Hedge you messing around in the admin control panel? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve not touched anything :stuck_out_tongue: We need to perform some maintenance in the forums soon™ - it might help


BTW, is this forum Fat Shark’s inhouse solution or you’ve just used some existing platform? I’m asking because, from technical and visual standpoint, this is one of the best forums (if not the best) that I’ve ever used.

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It’s a premade forum solution that has been modified a bit. Most of the function is out of the box but the visuals are largely a joint effort of FatsharkJulia and myself.


Interestingly enough, this thing seems to be gone on my part now. I’m going to assume that something was done about the forum platform, as the FS logo in the corner of browser tab seemed to also change as I opened up a new post (and after noticing that, actually reloaded the topic list pages).


Tag colors are gone and everything seems a bit smaller. (Latest page)


Likewise. Sounds like @Fatshark_Hedge did the do! I see the updated Favicon as well and everyone has their letters back.

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Yeah we updated the forum package with the latest stuff, some things have changed it seems (for better and worse), like our custom coloured tags are gone, the custom logo at the top is gone. Something on the homepage seems… different.

But avatars are back! So that’s something :slight_smile:

We’ll spend some time re-doing the missing customisation when things are less on fire.


Tell the devs to do betas before going live. Then things may be less in burnination :laughing:

Is it the font? Is it bigger? A different font? Something’s different and it’s plaguing me.


The text seems to be smaller on the PC the forum channels seem to be more compact on the main page. On the phone, everything looks pretty much the same to me

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There is a new app icon for android!

Also I think I found the setting, it’s a personalised setting for text size, mine had gone from Small to Normal, so I set it back to small. All is good in the world.

Darned feature creep in the forums!