Finally listing the small unlisted perks

(I used this reddit post for reference)

So if you’re not aware, there are a few obscure things in this game that you only know if you use mods, or check internet. Careers having more health than other is almost common knowledge at this point, but nowhere in game is it said, which isn’t really beginner friendly.

Every careers have 3 “perks” slot for additional passives, not all are always used, and it’s mostly inconsistent : Mercenary has a listed 5% crit chance bonus, while Shade and WHC do not.

So let’s add a few unlisted stuff. When the 3 slots were already in use I merged the unlisted buff with an existing one, prioritizing short sentences and same utility (so player are not faced with a 5 line long passive with 2 different parts)

-3rd slot : Markus gains 25 bonus health.

Foot Knight
-3rd slot : Markus gains 50 bonus health.

Grail Knight
-Bastion of Bretonnia : Markus can use shields to block Warpfire Thrower attacks and gains 50 bonus health.

-Doughty : Bardin gains an extra stamina shield and 50 bonus health.

-3rd slot : Bardin gains 25 bonus health.

-3rd slot : Kerillian gains an extra stamina shield and 25 bonus health.

-2nd slot : Increase crit chance by 5%.

Sister of the Thorn
-An Attendance of Munificients : Kerillian gains 25 bonus health and increase all healing received by the party by 25%.

Witch Hunter Captain
-Eternal Guard : Victor gains 25 bonus health and 100% block cost reduction from frontal light attacks.
-3rd slot : Increase crit chance by 5% and headshot power by 25%.

-3rd slot : Victor gains 50 bonus health.

-3rd slot : Sienna gains 50 bonus health.

On a side note I would also swap Shade passive Murderous Prowess with her first perk Assassin’s Blade. Murderous Prowess effect is close to Which Hunter Killing Shot, which is a perk, and Shade’s level 20 talents, commonly passive-augment talents, all affect simple backstab and not critical backstab.

As for remaining perk slot, we would have Shade, Bounty Hunter and Battle Wizard with 1 free slot, and Pyromancer with 2 free slot.
The following are just suggestion, maybe out of balance but I don’t know.
-Shade could use a weaker version of Knight’s Challenge, like 10% more damage on the first target hit on melee (since she has access to stealth and ranged weapon she would just be a better GK if she got the full 25%)
-Bounty Hunter I would love to see something from VT1 like larger clip size, or Skirmisher, which increased movement while aiming and reduced spread while moving.
-For Pyro I could totally see crit power or headshot power, and maybe Waystalker zoom ? Or Skull-Cracker tied to crit (on ranged only), so ranged critical will be headshots (might be busted but Pyro is far from S tier)
-For BW I could totally see Earthing Rune make a return, tied to crit. (Earthing Rune is a VT1 trait that had a chance to reduce overcharge on melee hits)

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