Fell through gondola on Into the Nest

On Into the Nest, after killing the boss, we got on the gondola/elevator after the arena. Once we activated it, it moved out from under us and took off. The game CTD shortly afterward, probably about the time it reached the other end.

GUID: 3882a760-9da9-473a-a692-2cf8294bd2a8
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …t_extensions/generic/linker_transportation_extension.lua:508: Trying to unlink units before linking.

Associated console log. Hope that helps.
console-2021-12-11-06.37.49-690acca0-c318-4343-9884-f6dc4135ef98.log (2.9 MB)

I should also mention we had played that map without a problem earlier in the evening. So it isn’t every time.

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