Falling through floor in Chaos Wastes

Twice in five runs the level must have problems generating.
The first time we were in a three man and we started a trial for a boon, the chest was under the floor and as we got closer we all fell in!
I got out of this mess by throwing myself in between the wall and chest whilst spamming dodge and crouch. Our Saltzpyre managed to mimic my escape, our Kruber gave up and re-joined.

The second occasion I was solo, right near the end the ramp had not appeared correctly and was not an object I could walk on, falling right through it into the pit.
I got out through the wall and into an earlier part of the level to try again. Thinking I could blink over with Sienna but it didn’t work in the air.

I made a clip of this:

Clip can not be shown. Access blocked.

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