Experimental Steam Capacitors don't work sometimes (Chaos Wastelands)

When you play as Engineer and obtain Experimental Steam Capacitors talent, it’s doesn’t work *sometimes.

*(Perhaps this has to do with where to buy this ability. When it was acquired outside the mission, in shrine, it did not work. When purchased during a mission, or when received as a reward, it works. More tests needed, to verify.)

^this exact thing happened to me.
when I acquired experimental steam capacitors in a mission it worked, but when I bought it at a shrine it did not work.

You have the other Talent where the Stacks dont decay, right?
They dont stack, sadly.

I usually have it the other way around.

No, these talents work together if you get Experimental Steam Capacitors on a mission. But if you buy Experimental Steam Capacitors between missions, then they don’t work. This has been verified several times by me and different people.

I played last week-beginning this week where stacks don’t decay and I’d use the experimental steam capacitors, they stack, but not like how the guy above says, it just happened to me.

Mhhh, i usually start with Experimental Steam Capacitors in my regular Build, so the Boon i can get is Superior Gaskets.
So far it didnt matter where i got it. Got it on random Shrines, selected it from a Challenge Chest, or bought it between Missions.
So far they didnt stack a single time.

I think when i started once with Superior Gaskets and found Experimental Steam Capacitors, then it stacked.

Can someone try the other combination too? Start with Experimental and find Superior?

Didn’t try the other way around but I did just have an expedition where I got the ESC from an altar and this didn’t cause the bug, the skills stack luckily.

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