Expected a Boss Fight in the coliseum!

Fatshark don’t waste this pseudo roman masterpiece, Have a boss battle in the coliseum please! Coliseum boss music optional


From the tie in cinematic I assume we’re going to fight the Carnack Twins in the later 2 levels. The finale is a bit of a letdown though.


I very optimistically hope for the 2nd map to let us fight the twins (really high potential for an interesting fight with a dual boss) and then, sometime in the future, another map to let us fight Wolfer himself (again hoping for something new and fresh, not another straightforward slug fest).


How would you find a boss fight where they tag team us? One twin fights amongst the horde agaisnt us while the other heals in some nurglish magic. They swap places every 20 seconds, or whenever one loses 25% of their total health. Then when we defeat one fully they both heal to full by absorbing the horde into their flesh. Horde spawns stop and a miasma fills the room. It starts corrupting us and the now fully healed twins attack at the same time.

Personally I would be down for fighting two bosses at the same time with no horde lol

I would honestly prefer a fight with both, at once. I hope Fatshark plays with more mechanics as well for a boss fight…

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I think that Deep Rock Galactic handled it really well with their Twin Dreadnought boss fight.

Basically one guy fights in melee and tries to get in your face all the time, the other is range-oriented and keeps his distance while shooting at you.
If you don’t keep equal pressure on both at the same time, the less-pressured one will buff the other one.

Not too complicated but works really well IMO.


Honestly been thinking about getting that game reminds me of L4D and I loved their Finale escapes. Super satisfying to escape overwhelming odds of certain death at the last second.

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