Even With this Latest Patch, Psyker Brain Burst needs more Buff

Other blitzes deal with hordes in different manners, it does not exclude BB to be able to also do it.

That will be erased in a microsecond by any other weapon or ability from your party while you’re switching to BB and trying to pinpoint the one target.

This is just pathetic, obviously you don’t kill blindly and protect each other, but you do it best by killing as fast as you can as much as you can.

Really? thank god you told me! I hope the enemies know that while I’m trying to target and use BB they are prohibited from hitting me.

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I say brainburst needs an upgrade where it sends skull fragments around the exploded enemy applying bleed stacks and stagger to surrounding enemies. Bigger enemy killed = more stacks. Would have some unique interactions and would fit nicely with the ‘specialized killer’ blitz fantasy it’s going for.

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Not every blitz needs to be able to handle hordes tho, and not every blitz is designed with that intention. Instead to simmer BB down to horde clear, why not push its capabilities to be more in line, with lets say Krak grenades? Or the blades of faith from zealot? Or the very popular ROCK from Ogryn?

So why limit the build variety of the psyker to 3xhorde blitzes?

So now there are priority targets? I thought there werent any, as by your comment earlier:

How come the change of heart? Was perhaps not everything I said nonsense?

So explain to me why so many psykers I meet on auric damnation are running smite? Wouldnt it be more efficient to run Assail instead? Or just dip the blitz for a staff that excels at group killing?

As I mentioned before BB needs improvements to its targeting. But its totally possible to BB a tagged enemy that is isolated or stands out, even while in a horde, you just have to tailor your build around that, like any other build needs to

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When the skill tree locks you into blitzes and skills in order to pick what you want, every blitz should be able to do everything.

When half the enemies are priority, what’s the use in calling them “priority”? Congrats, they highlight in red, now kill everything.

Because above Heresy no blitz does enough damage to be relevant, so CC is the best way to go.

Yeah, good luck getting the perfect situation to be finally able to use a skill

Then we dont need 3 different blitzes, remove 2 blitzes from the skill tree and just have one that does everything. Are you for real?

Even tho the AI director goes crazy sometimes, I have never seen gunners, flamers, trappers, snipers etc in quantities as large as a horde. The only occurence of that I know of is the buggy rager hordes atm, but those are the sole exception, so the argument is still invalid for like 12 different enemy types

Strange how theres still Assail players on Auric Damnation then who are still thining out hordes and groups in a matter of seconds, since its useless my scoreboard bust be bugged, since the high damage numbers must be false then

yeah, push with your melee + backwards slide (+ maybe even your special) is such a hard condition to meet

Ive given up on this conversation, think what you want

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What? we have 8 hatchets, 16 rifles, 12 swords of 4 different kinds? Remove them all! We only need 1!

They’re not the only priority, they’re just special enemies. They are priorities only when you don’t have something more important to deal with, which could even be a simple gunner.
That’s what priority means, it does not mean “special”.

In public games using Assail is a gamble on your party being able to pull their weight or one of them taking care of CC. It might do a little damage on a normal horde, put some armored enemies or a couple of maniacs in the mix and assail is a death sentence.

Really, because there’s only one enemy ever in this game and they don’t appear outh of thin air when you’re not looking…

Thank god.

big disagree

it can remain a priority target deletion tool while having some use vs groups without losing its identity

leaning harder into single target dmg isnt going to fix things specially at higher difficulties where the number of priority targets skyrockets


If some AoE is in order for BB, something that blows up brains like a grenade sending skull-shrapnel in all directions, or that causes nearby enemies weenier than your target to also pop (e.g. if you pop a Rager, the Poxwalkers around him also pop), might be neat.

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I spent last night running a build with kinetic dome, BB, and empowered psionics. Getting some empowered psionic stacks on hand and then being able to pop your ult and start the BB train is amazing when you stumble on packs of gunners, ogryns, ragers, etc.

Using the above in combination with elite kills spreading soulblaze around softens the whole group. The stun from BB to stagger bulwarks in particular is amazing. Even if you don’t get the kill with BB you’re creating an opening for your team. All that plus the utility of being able to BB specialists when they run out of LoS or are really far away is amazing for keeping specials under control and from getting close.

I felt like between my force sword, kinetic dome, and BB I could do everything - and almost didn’t feel like I needed a ranged weapon! This was high-intensity Damnation BTW.

People have been complaining about BB in one way or another since the game came out. It works amazingly well with the right build.

I think a lot of people just don’t like how it feels and want something else. Thankfully there are now two other blitz options people can try.

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IMO Brain Rupture just needs slightly improved Ogryn elite breakpoints and slightly faster charge speed (like 25% faster base cast speed would be plenty) to fill a useful niche. Should two shot reapers without empowered psyionics and two shot crushers with. I’m a bit iffy about empowered psyionics being basically mandatory to reach useful break points so maybe they could make it reach similar break points with 6 warp charges + high peril warp rider since those add up to close to the same bonus as psyionics, so getting the right damage/armour mods where either combo can reach breakpoints would be nice. That way you can have the more broadly useful Warp Siphon and have to manage your peril and warp charge stacks to get the breakpoints or focus harder on it with psyionics and reach the break point easier.

Also psyionics stack on elite kill should really be expanded to include specials.

With those changes I’d strongly consider bringing it on Purg and some guns to cover carapace weakness and simplify taking out bulwarks. I really don’t think it needs AoE or anything goofy and off brand like that. You’ve already got perilous combustion on the way to brain rupture for that.

I honestly really agree with that whole post and your general take here with one exception. I think the loss of two shot breakpoint on crushers plus the sheer number of crushers we see at once these days has really kneecapped what used to be a strong aspect of its niche pre patch 13. Hence that’s what my suggestion focuses on improving. After all assail is already very good at dealing with groups of gunners and shotgunners so it makes sense to me that big targets should be BR’s main niche.

Here’s a bonus suggestion to improve kinetic flayer while we’re at it. Remove the 10% chance and instead make it a guaranteed proc on Carapace and Unyielding enemies. This would let you effectively do a double BR on Ogryn Elites once every 15 seconds, which could be combined with my other suggestions to get a single Ogryn elite one shot at the start of a conflict. This would make flayer feel much more consistent and in your control to make strategic plays with, and also stops it randomly being wasted on a poxwalker.

That’s where that build will perform at absolute best. Being able to feed generate and recycle Empowered Elite kills constantly can make that very powerful.

People have been complaining about BB in one way or another since the game came out. It works amazingly well with the right build.

Well, that’s the issue, you need the right build. With less consistent provision of powerful Elites (such as on lower difficulties), or most any other selection of talents, it’s easier to perform by just spamming Assail. You have to really go out of your way to build and play a certain way to make Brain Burst feel really powerful, but you can just do practically anything with Assail and make it work.


not even assail really, the staves exist

surge is currently a short range BB, trauma too in a way(plus it’s powerful AoE stagger) while voidstrike is just a weaker but infinite ammo plasma gun with travel time, all 3 can replace the elite/special popping niche while contributing more on top

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I think BB/BR mainly needs the partial credit proc like it had from pre-Patch 13, because nowadays you get absolutely nothing for any of your keystones if someone else kills the elite/specialist/target you were charging on whereas before if you had gotten past half charge you would still get a warp charge.


I can agree. its pretty much the build (and only build) ive been running when I use BB. However when when it comes to a group of Elite Armored Goons. Ogryns, Maulers, ARmored Ragers it falls short. these guys appear more often in hi intensity damnation and above

The fact that BB can penetrate armor makes it seem like Fatshark wants it to be an Anti Armor Killer. like see a patrolling group of Crushers? just use BB! but we only see its effectiveness when we can one shot a Man Sized Elite Gunner that assail can pretty much do the same thing and faster. as for picking targets from far off, Assail has a snipe function too and they even buffed the damage of that as well. Not to mention Staffs and other weapons too being a better option than BB. Plus Psyker’s dont have much when it comes to dealing Boss Damage. Each Class have a build to deal Boss Damage effectively but Psyker in all its blitzes feel really weak.

as for “the Right Build” it has only one to make it effective. build diversity is kind of screwed since using warp charges or Disrupt Destiny is putting yourself at a BIG handicap as it does not play well with BB at all. like I said in the post you need that SPEED but also you need the DAMAGE too.

there is also the problem of targeting the right enemy you want to burst. its something I havent mentioned at all in my post but I find it also VERY in need of improvement.


BB was clearly designed as a means to single target kill a thing, but was limited by it’s channel to prevent abuse. The problem with that is the game has power crept away from that model (frankly it was weak even pre-updates) outside of being empowered. Currently I can’t be bothered to use it literally ever, even in my main build since I’m forced to take it to get access to the Psykenetic’s aura+wildfire.

Buffing Kinetic Resonance to be always-on probably wouldn’t even increase it’s use rate among the community given how lame the skill is in general. Kinetic Flayer is just plain awful and always has been, especially after removing the link between BB and Warp charges. Having it constantly proc on trash mobs is infuriating in general. Devs need to rethink the use cases of Brain Rupture and redesign how it works in general tbh.

Personally, I think it should kill the target it’s being channeled on, period (outside of bosses), and have the channel time required scale based on the target’s health. I’d then have a skill to decrease the channel duration. Have it do massive damage to bosses either baseline, or via another skill choice. I don’t think giving BB AoE damage makes much sense as it encourages itemless builds, while not solving the core issue of why BB even exists in the first place.

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exactly. We have better options and using BB feels like at this point is just for Style. but for effectiveness, other blitzes, guns and even Staffs are much better options.

The psyionics stacks from Elites and ALSO specials would make BB actually viable especially when FS intent is for us to use the psyionics and BB a group of them. That and increase damage and cast speed would really help it alot.

with the way warp charges is arranged on the left side of the tree where BB is, it feels like FS wants it to have some affinity with BB. but it just doesnt reach that proper breakpoint. plus, Venting Shriek for using BB when you have Warp Charges ruins it since it removes all the warp charges stack. besides, Empowered psyionics, FS need to make the Warp charges Keystone be viable in way that we would have a balanced choice between going with Empowered Psyionics or Warp Charges.

As for its Affinity with Disrupt Destiny…or even yet Scrier’s Gaze…Yeah…they’re definitely NOT for BB users at all.

I haven’t played with BB much since the patch, but the charge rate seems too slow to be useful. By the time I charge up, the target is dead even on T5++. I’m spending far too much time in a vulnerable state for far too low of a payoff. I’m sure there’s ways to speed it up that I’m not using properly, but unless these can reduce charge time by at least 50% at all times, the ability will just be too clunky to use.

There’s just these two that I know of:

In theory you’d be able to keep very high uptime on EP IF the guaranteed charge on elite kill also worked for specials, since it doesn’t it’s really awkward, and it’s a shame since BB has pretty great special BPs for the most part.

Right now to make it feel good you need to build into it a bit too hard for a situational ability, and the no charge on special kill just limits your effective target pool even more.


So basically you need to use venting shriek + these two + combat ability cooldown buffs (not counting supporting buffs like toughness) to make BB available enough to be worth taking.

That’s a pretty big investment compared to the other blitzes. Smite and Assail are both useful, if not as strong as possible, simply by selecting the base ability + modifiers. Not to mention the more rigid/complex playstyle that’s required to get a comparable level of performance out of it…

Also, Mind in Motion is mandatory for any peril-heavy psyker build IMO, but that’s just not available with BB. I will take the quell/movement buff over BB every single time.