Error Code 2006 - crash to lobby

Issue Description:
Mid game, error code 2006 showed and game chrashed back to lobby.
No option to reconnect to the game.

(unsure, if it coincided with map rotation change)

Steps to Reproduce:

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[11/28/2022, 01:00PM] [CET]

Reproduction Rate:
Once - Rare (<10%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-11-28-11.51.16-fe02bb06-7b72-41d3-8964-6bf289cd0c09.log (118.9 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (478.3 KB)

I’ve raised this with our developers. Thank you.

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i’ve had this error consistently as well since the full release. prior the game ran fine but ever since right as i load into the mission immediately back to the character menu, if i reconnect when i load in it gives the same disconnect error the immediate CTD it doesn’t get a chance to start loading

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+1 have yet to play a game… just keep getting sent back to lobby.
ive verified files, moved from my large storage disk to my ssd c drive and verified and still no luck. any suggestions?

I had a similar issue today in the morning. Showed me Error 2006 and kicked me back to Lobby during mission load (when they show the animation of 4 characters sitting in the dropship). It gave me the option to re-connect othe mission and I finished it.

Today in the evening, it showed me Error 2006 again, and then showed a never-ending loading screen. 30 minutes of loading didn’t get me anywhere. So I quit the game by pressing F4.

Platform: Steam on Windows PC

Same. Error 2006 almost as soon as mission launch after ready-up screen. Then infinite loading.

Is error code 2006 just getting kicked from the game? I literally never had these error code before but just had a strange game where a guy called Skarkor wouldn’t ready up in the lobby, then when the game started was clearly doing something as he wasn’t running but he typed “Cya” and then I got error code 2006 back to character generation. I actually have it on video if it helps?

It honestly seemed like it was being kicked because the other guy Leak also pauses for a second as if he is voting to kick. Which is also weird because we literally just started the game and haven’t had a chance to do anything yet. Good function this kick function is lol

+1 it does feel like u get this when get kicked

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Began getting error 2006 after the dec 15th update. Can’t join games anymore at all, but can enter the nexus area and queue up for games from there. However, after entering a game, it will boot me to character selection with a notification of error 2006.

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Well I’ve been spammed with a plethora of error codes, you name it i’ve had it, post update. Unplayable. I recommend anyone to get a refund stat, and only consider buying this game on sale instead. They’ve sold us a product unfit for purpose and basically not ready for release, period.

I’ve also been getting Error Code 2006 a lot lately since the latest patch. It’s rare that I’m able to fully load into a game now. When I do load in, I’m totally fine all the way through, it’s just actually loading into a game before 2006 happens is the problem.

I’ve also had some optimization problems. The loading screens are all janky now and drop fps like crazy. It’s not uncommon to see 1fps (or lower) on loading screens and that did not used to happen.

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Is this going to get fixed? I’m only getting 2001 and 2006 errors, no actual game play