Enemies lifted by Deepwood Staff should be in Stagger level 2

Title says it all.

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It really doesn’t. What’s the reasoning behind this buff? The weapon is already very, very good.

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I guess then climbing enemies should not because these two facts seem odd when viewed together.


Maybe after her damage is nerfed a bit.

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I never understood why this is a thing. You already have the advantage of being able to deal damage for free.

Meh, climbing is a mess, stagger is a mess, when two messess meet there’s no telling what to expect XD

Because lifted enemies cannot defend themselves properly, same as climbing. I give up using staff on cata because it actually makes enemies resistant to stagger, therefore reduces the damage taken. Staff isn’t very great weapon already, buff like that (what makes sense in my opinion) could increase viability of the weapon greatly.

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That… doesn’t make much sense at all. Being disabled means that they’re taking more damage overall anyway in a given amount of time because they aren’t fighting or pushing back. And they aren’t causing any grief anyway as they cannot perform other actions. For the Smiter talent, which is what most melee builds run, it makes no difference whether or not they staggered. Bulwark & Mainstay have virtually no impact on the game anyway so there’s no practical reason to bring them up. You could make a point about Assassin not being applicable but it really makes no absolutely no difference in those circumstances. You’ll still plow through any disabled enemy faster than otherwise.

Yes, you are very correct. I was keeping in mind the fact that the first enemy hit always counts as staggered anyway. Additional effects are to my knowledge more or less negligible.

I believe they’re referencing the fact that the weapon’s left clicks would be boosted by the target being put into level 2 stagger, since that is the only stagger state that ranged weapons can benefit from.

Which is exactly how Smiter itself works btw, so your assertion that Smiter doesn’t care about stagger level is not quite true.

It already can’t do anything to fight back, so theoretical dps will always be higher than against someone who is attacking back and as said by others already, smiter/assasin basically ignores the stagger rulings in place so it rarely matters and most definitely will not lower your dps output.

Also even if it were to lower your dps, we are at that point ignoring the utility of absolutely removing any special threat there is with a click of a button. You rarely need some 20/40 increase anyways when targeting say assasin/packmaster etc.

Sure for sake of consistency it would make sense for them to be at stagger 2, but arguments for lack of dps making it useless as a weapon is bit outlandish.

  • Two full-burst headshots can kill any special on Cata 1. Sister’s crits to procc Hunter + EP brings this down to one full-burst headshot except for Gunners/Flamers. QQ-cancelling the bursts significantly increases your special sniping dps.

  • Cata 1 has a special cap of 5. Even if you get completely caught off-guard in a very bad situation and have 5 specials spawn in quick succession, you can just lift up everything and turn Vermintide into a game of whack-a-vermin for a few moments at a time.

  • The lift’s targeting appears to be better than Pyro’s or Waystalker’s ult, hence lifting a Packmaster from the middle of a dense horde is rather doable. You also don’t need to wait for the red outline to show up, enemies can be lifted the moment you start holding right-click.

This weapon can extend aggro-capacity to the point where difficulty spikes become difficulty bumps. A procrastinator’s wet dream made manifest. You can just delay the arrival of a threat near-indefinitely. The staff is objectively great and subjectively broken. What I see most of the time however, is that people aren’t able to bring out everything it has to offer. Also, I understand that for the sake of consistency, lifted enemies should at Stagger State 2, but I’d much rather see this whole climbing/dropping Stagger bonus damage be removed entirely.