Enemies immediately ignore players hit by specials(with exceptions)

I’m not sure if this was changed to function this way on purpose or if it’s a bug. So the issues are:

  • Specials that grab players seem to ignore being hit by certain other enemies.(E.G. an assassin won’t get knocked off a player by a gunner)

  • Enemies that can knock a player out of a grab(like a packmaster’s) will stop in their tracks instead of making the move or continuing one they’re already doing.

  • Enemies will play a game of “red light/green light” and just stop, standing around while the special does their thing.

But they didn’t do any of that in the past.

Video showing them stopping:

Longer video(with a more durable career) showing them stopping and a gunner not doing anything to the assassin:

Much older video that showed them still continuing with their moves despite a player being grabbed:

It’s immersion breaking because why would the enemies do that? A minotaur, this massive beast, builds up momentum and just freezes in his tracks because one tiny rat is holding down his target. They don’t care about each other. It’d make sense that they’d selfishly rampage around and mess with each other. Plus, why take away one of the coolest things that can happen in-game? A player thinks it’s over and then they get lucky with something blasting the special off you.

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Yea, i noticed it as well. Godmode hookrats isnt that new, they were never died form a gunner which aimed you, and the hook pulled you towards it - hook totally ate the full gunpower of the gunner.

I had an assassin pounced on me, and a stormfiend burned me. It took a while when the assassin died. i was on the ground, the assassin was on me, and the fiend didnt pushed the assa off of me, we were skating on the ground instead (in a pounced state, assassin died from fiend’s DOT, he was stabbing me through skating).

Lots of thing were problem in the past, what was fixed long ago, now these stuff are back again. It tells me that older versions got back, or it is a miracle, that new content causes the exact sme problems what we had like 4 months ago. Very suspicious.

I have seen a flamer blast an assassin off me and kill it, and have seen a gunner kill a leech before the player actually started losing health. This is probably the last week of play. I have also seen a hookrat take a thorough pounding from a Rat Ogre and shrug it off. I’ve also been leeched in a storm and the action of the storm has stopped me getting close enough to the leech so that for almost a minute I was being stormed and leeched without getting flung anywhere. My homies came to the rescue XD The behaviour of the specials seems erratic.

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