End of Match screen Kills Stats doesn't add up with Battle Wizard [PS4]

I just did a run on Empire In Flames and noticed the endscreen stats were out of wack, my Total Kills were just over 700, which seemed accurate as i was killing heaps and heaps of enemies with conflagration explosions and also quite alot of enemies were killed by my fire sword. The problem is the Ranged and Melee kills were both under 100 despite killing 700 total enemies. The Elite/Special kills seemed accurate as far as i can tell.

I don’t know if this exclusive to Sienna BW (haven’t tested her other careers for this issue), but the Total kills is waaaay higher then all the other kill stats combined. The build i use is the Conflagration Staff + Fire Sword DoT build. My talents are: Spark Thief, Lingering Flames, Enhanced Power, Rechannel, Famished Flames and Kaboom.

I know it’s in the grand scheme of things a minor issue, but it’d be great if you could correct it anyway.

I think if the enemies are dying because of the burning effect and not specifically of your melee or range attack damage is your problem.


This exactly. When an enemy dies by the DoT burn it’s not counted as either a ranged nor a melee kill, but it does count as a kill for your total tallies.

Special effects like bleeding, poison, abilities and burning do not count towards melee or ranged kills as far as i know.

Nor does bombs, they all just count towards total kills&damage done instead.


Ult kills (like with Pyro’s burning skull) don’t either.

On this note: OP said he was using the life on kill talent. I think he’s better off using the life on stagger talent, since his sword won’t make many kills. Flamesword heavy 1 staggers like very few other weapons can though, so that’s a great combo.

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It’s the DoT.

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The end screen scoreboard has never been accurate.

Actually hagbane ranged kills count to ranged, maybe because there is no melee option for poison?

Oh it does? My bad then, figured it was the same as fire and bleeding.

As for why, no idea : P

Spaghetti code feels like the answer i like the most x)

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