Encountered Chaos Warriors in a 'Skaven, Beastmen' Chaos Wastes level

In an Expedition of Determination, Holseher’s Tower, ‘Skaven, Beastmen’ level, our team encountered multiple Chaos Warriors. According to the Chaos Wastes Mechanic Handbook, this shouldn’t happen:

There are only 2 Faction Type Combination , which decides what kind of Roaming Enemies/Hordes/Elites you get during this Level :

  1. Skaven, Chaos
  2. Skaven, Beastman

Prior to the level, I’ve bought the Miracle of Ranald for the team (for the next level, Elites and Special have a chance to drop pickups upon death). The modifiers of the level are: Cursed by Khorne, ‘Skaven, Beastmen’ , + Pilgrim’s Coins, + Elites!, + 30.0% Stamina Recovery. Screenshot of the modifiers:

Screenshot of Chaos Warriors in the level (CWs are seen near the crosshair):

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