Elven Spear animation bug(s)

An animation bug occurs when strafing right while wearing the elven spear. Doesn’t matter which class of Kerillian’s is used, it’s tied to the weapon’s animations.
The character sort of overshoots its focal point in relation to the camera and just keeps on going.
Fortunately, the bug’s easy enough to demonstrate, since you can catch a glimpse of it by just using the 3rd person character inspection.

Going by how my buddy described his point of view, the animation bug is visible to other players as well, but the character rubber bands back to the aforementioned focal point soon after the beginning of movement, something which can’t be demonstrated with the 3rd person inspection alone.

Sometimes the spear also disappears from my hands for fractions of a second at a time in first person view when charging heavies, but it’s far too inconsistent to say anything more than that.

Both bugs are just visual from the looks of things, however.

Its javelin not spear thats bugs it out

I’ve no idea what you’re referring to.
The animation bugs out with the spear equipped and out, regardless of what ranged weapon I have equipped alongside it.

If you are falling / walking down the stairs while charging heavy attack, then the spear will disappear for a moment.

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