Duplicate Bögenhafen ilusion

Issue Summary: Got 2 ilusions of Krubers 2h sword The Sword of Peace from Bögenhafen chests.
Ive read somewhere this should be possible?

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This is due to how illusions are stored during the beta. You were awarded the same illusion at the same time, in duplicate (one of the old system illusions, and one of the new system illusions). This then appears as the same illusion in your inventory but the duplicated illusion should disappear after having relogged. You have not lost out on an opportunity to earn an different illusion.

Thanks alot for quick answer!
I allso want to take the oportunity to tell you guys how much i love the game, its just totally awesome!
Keep up the good work! i Love it!

Regards Andreas

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Same issue here. I opened a chest from a dlc’s challenge and I had a duplicated illusion for Kruber’s Mace and Shield. At the beggining I had both illusion at the apply illusion menu, but after reseting the game it disappeared. As you suggest Hedge, should I have obtained a completely different illusion after relogin? How can I know?

No you wouldn’t get another. When you opened the BG chest, you would have received a new illusion you did not have before. When you go to check it though in the apply illusion window you would see it twice, and by default think “omg I have a duplicate pls fix!” but actually both those illusions came from one box, one is the old system illusion and one for the new system. one of them will disappear when you log out and back in though. So you only got a duplicate from the same box for a brief moment. The illusion you had duplicate of was new and both came from the same box. I hope this makes some sense? It’s just a beta issue due to it using both the old and new system in parallel.

Yes I understand this, but does this mean I have lost that last opened chest? Bogenhafen’s chests are pretty hard to adquire so it’s a pitty to lose even one of them.

The chest you opened contained 2 illusions that are the same, which you did not own prior to opening the chest. 1 of the illusions was removed when you relogged. So the chest contained ultimately 1 new illusion as intended - you didn’t lose out.

Ah I see, I’ve been checking the screenshots that I have been taking of opened chests and you are right, I didn’t have the illusion before. Well thank you for the quick response and the better explaining :smiley:

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Okay sorry to bother again but now I really had an illusion I already owned before. I’ve just opened a chest and obtained the very same illusion I was talking about before, Kruber’s mace and shield.

Also I had a hat for Saltzpyre opening a recommendation chest with Sienna, about this Im not sure if its a bug too or if its now possible to obtain hats for a character different that the one opening the chest.

I would add screenshots but I dont think that can help much, can I do something else to help you check it?

Let me know your steam profile and we can check it out.

It is possible to get off hero hats from commendation chests if you have all the hats for the hero opening it.

This one I can verify as a bug - and has been replaced with a Bogenhafen box (the bug was fixed btw), @putori

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I´ve had the same thing. Opened 2 different Bögenhafen boxes, 1 in beta and 1 in live. Got Bardin crossbow iullusions from both.

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