Does the PS4 Server Browser look strange to anyone else?

Since the hotfix today, the server browser is full of lobbies hosted by really odd looking names. I’m not sure if this is purely visual or what but almost all of them have weird, long strings of numbers at the end and some of them have duplicate names but different numbers. None of these lobbies have familiar names, either. I’ve been playing quite a while and I almost always see familiar names in the browser. There are also almost 100 open lobbies which is really high even considering the fresh DLC.

Maybe I’m just imagining things but I’m hoping someone could confirm if they see what I’m seeing.


Yes, I see the numbers too. :joy:
It seems like the lobby browser shows now the whole user-ID. It’s not the first time that this happens after an update or fix.

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A mi no me funciona el navegador para crear partidas, solo puedo unirme y no me guarda los progresos con el ingeniero, a alguien más le pas??? Socorro, ayuda por favor!!!

Hola. Siento oír eso. No tengo estos problemas después de la actualización, pero te recomiendo que escribas un reporte de “bug” para que puedan ayudar.

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