Does boon of shallya stack with passives

The “Boon of shallya” is a trait that grants 30% increased healing on you.
Kerillian, the dwarf, and maybe other characters too have a passive that can give them health.
Does the boon of Shallya stack with those passives?

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I have a talisman with this trait…currently playing ironbreaker with 20 percent more stamina…can t say if it s work…i have alse two passive with 20 and 19 more health…can t say if they cumulate too…

Does it work with the talented heal on kill, I wonder

On Beta I heard it said that any increase to healing received increased:

  • passif regen (waystalker group regen or necklace trait)
  • white health gained from kills, crits, or the IB talent.
  • healing from items.

Also not related, but worth mentioning as not many people realise this:

  • Health pots heal a fix amount of health (50%?). Even if you have 95% white health, it will only heal 50%
  • Medipacs heal 80% (? Tbc) and then convert all your white health to green. So if you have 40% to 99% white health a medipac will heal you to max.

I am pretty sure it does stack, but I can’t give you a confirmed answer.