Discord Suggestion: Class-Specific Channels

Hi! Long-time MMO & Vermintide player here, really enjoying the community in-game and on the discord. However, a problem I’m having is finding information specific to the class I have questions about. #General-chat is fun, but not a great place to find information despite all the questions asked there. #Theorycrafting is handy, but there are a ton of general game-related discussions there as well as class-specific ones.

Anyway, one of the handiest things I’ve encountered for other games (particularly for WoW) is having class-specific channels. That way you don’t have to search around different channels to get answers, and can even have pins with the answers to frequently asked questions regarding that specific class, as well as recommended builds/weapons. Additionally, all of the theorycrafters that main a specific class have a place to congregate and talk about which perks to keep an eye out for on a Thunder Hammer, or whatever.

Just a thought. Also maybe a “Check The Pins” emote. :slight_smile: