Disconnect from host on Bögenhafen maps since 1.2 left beta

Yeah, kinda long thread title but it’s on point:

I played many Bögenhafen maps while they were still in beta and it was all fine. But since the version 1.2 left the beta I was only able to finish 1…ONE… Bögenhafen map because I always lose connection to the host.
There are no problems on the classic Helmgart maps.
Either with mods active or not.

Apologies for the delayed response Ricordis. As it’s been some days now, is this issue still occurring for you?

Also apologies for my delayed response. I am not able to play on a daily base.
Happens less on The Pit but still on Blightreaper.
If I had to guess it’s the host who crashes/loses connection because normally the game offers me to join another player.

There is issues with the “player list plus” mod and the setting “smaller network packets”. My mate kept D/Cing out of games until he turned it off. Was able to host, although laggy, and about halfway through he would just drop.

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