Difficulties Should Be Balanced For Maximum Allowed Power Level

Legend unlocks at 400(ish) hero power, and caps out at 600 power. It is super satisfying to play Legend at 400-500 power, enemies have reasonable staying-power, and bosses/events are properly climactic. Playing at 600 power feels, to me, like playing on champion, but with harder-hitting enemies.

Vermintide 2 suffers from a very common design issue. Player strength increases disproportionately to game difficulty. For an experienced player, playing on recruit at hero power 0 is very similar to playing legend at power 600.

In my opinion, difficulties should be balanced for the maximum allowed power level, with the exception of recruit. Legend especially should be more difficult at max power (600), similar to how playing it at power 400 is now.

Because Vet/Champion/Legend aren’t that difficult at their minimum required power level, the act of increasing your hero power actually just lowers the skill ceiling, and in the long term, your enjoyment of the game. This seems backwards to me. Playing Legend at the minimum power should be almost impossible, while playing at the maximum should be super difficult and rewarding.

Nothing worth doing is easy when you start, and trivial once you’re experienced. The most lasting enjoyment comes from hardship overcome, not instant gratification.

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Wait for deathwish mod when mods come out.

It seems to me the game and difficulty modes are balanced in the way you want, but it’s just too easy for you. I have 3 toons at 600 almost max orange rolls and I still play on Champion because I’m not good enough yet. I’m sure there are more people out there who want the game to be more difficult but this isn’t necessarily a design issue.

I´m one of that guys, that say “legend” is not really difficulty, but it´s no Designissue. They should add something over Legend or giveaway more Deeds.
But hey… with bad randoms, even Legend becomes hard.

I don´t really see the point to “allow” something.

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It is balanced for max allowed power level, it’s just that spawn rates can vary dramatically from user to user. While some people are getting throat massaged by the director, others regularly get emptier levels with tamer behaviour.

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This seems to be the source of the mismatched experiences between players on legend. My runs are pretty extreme, hordes constantly, specials constantly (double spawn half the time), bosses trigger hordes and specials about half the time.

We still manage to complete through the madness here and there. And, sometimes we get runs that aren’t insane. Most certainly, though, if my runs are unbalanced in any way, it’s that they are balanced toward beyond max allowed power level rather than lower.

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