Daily Freebies Bug

I was watching a friend have issues where when they try to get the daily free loot, it would “give the day before” loot (but not actually) and then do nothing. Then they had to close the window and try again. Restarting the game did nothing. After enough attempts it seems to randomly work properly. Happened on more than one occasion.

Hi @OenKrad,

Ohh that’s strange :thinking: - we’ll keep an eye out for this!

If your friend runs into the issue again and they (or you on their behalf) can provide their console log from the session that would be great for us to take a look at.

Thank you!


@FatsharkLev Here is a video if it happening:

I’ve passed this on for investigation - thank you!

As I mentioned before, if your friend can provide their console log too from a session this happens, that would be very helpful.

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