[CTD] Selecting Kruber Merc Career crashes (probably related to the hat issues)

When I go to the hero select menu and select Kruber’s Mercenary Career all is well, but when I hit confirm and it goes back to the game it crashes to desktop. Log paste:

GUID: db03924f-f16d-4bee-85f0-b6c8063e4c80
[Crash Link]: crashify://db03924f-f16d-4bee-85f0-b6c8063e4c80

Attached image with equipped cosmetics before hitting confirm.

Hi @TempestWolf, I can confirm this is one of the known crashes - we’re on it! Thank you for the report.

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@FatsharkLev we’ve just had another issue when the standard bearer put down the standard ALL our games crashed collectively (3 people). We were on Marakza in chaos wastes.

Friend’s logs… I closed mine before I realized.
GUID: ae72cc2b-3a0a-44cb-b727-0f0ae5f77a6a
[Crash Link]: crashify://ae72cc2b-3a0a-44cb-b727-0f0ae5f77a6a

EDIT: UPDATE we were talking about what happened

my game crashed instantly when he put the standard down and I was looking at him
another friend’s game crashed a bit later when he turned towards the banner to destroy it

We’ve released a hotfix to address some of the known crashes. If you run into this again please let me know!

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@FatsharkLev game still keeps CTD-ing after the patch, we were playing Chaos wastes:

first my friend was host, it crashed for him as soon as he headshot a gor
then game rehosted with me as host, and just crashed randomly while I was standing still looking at an archer shooting my way

GUID: e6c4e15c-e8e9-4bab-91ad-31414182f547
[Crash Link]: crashify://e6c4e15c-e8e9-4bab-91ad-31414182f547

A new hotfix 4.6.2 is live which should address the common crashes - once you’ve downloaded the hotfix please let us know if you run into any further issues. Thanks!

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