CTD at the Exit

I’d like to report an occasion of crash to desktop. It’s nothing super important to gameplay itself, but it happened.
I tried to exit the game by pressing “Quit Game” button in menu, as usual, and game crashed. There also was a message window about game security violation, but I forgot to make a screenshot, sorry.
I don’t know what caused this or how to reproduce it.
Here are console logs in zip file:
console-2021-03-03-20.42.16-24412816-d2e0-4934-9b1c-9722d182ab51.zip (374.4 KB)
And crash dump:
crash_dump-2021-03-03-20.42.16-24412816-d2e0-4934-9b1c-9722d182ab51.dmp (626.6 KB)

Thank you for letting us know, and don’t worry about the security violation error - this pops up when the Easy Anti-Cheat service has ended abruptly (as it has here).

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