Crucis Mk II Thunder Hammer Carapace armor Penetration bug after 1.0.20

Just downloaded patch.Crucis Mk II Thunder Hammer:

  • Increased light attack baseline armor mod vs Flak Armour (from 75% to 90%) and Carapace Armour (from 1% to 25%).
    But in game it’s still 1% m or maybe its 1% in meatGrinder?
  1. Get into meatGrinder after 1.0.20
  2. hit Mauler in a head with light attack with Thunder Hammer
  3. get dissapointed 2 dmg :frowning:

Steam ID: vbybvfhrtn

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[15/12/2022, 18:26 PM] [+03:00]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

This seems to be widespread. I even considered the possibility that the new values will only apply to new weapons. I haven’t been able to buy a new thunder hammer, but I attempted to upgrade one I currently owned to the next rarity tier to see if that refresh fixed it, and there was no change. It still shows the pre-patch values for its armor penetration.

They’ve replied that server side is not updated, maybe thats the reason.
Upd.:Nope looks like they forgot to add that to live version