Thunderhammer Light Attack Damage vs Carapace Bugged(?)

Going against the formula here since this is not really as much of a reproducible bug as it might be a ratio mis-match? All of the Crucis Mk II Thunder Hammers seem to have a percentage error in their damage profile (or at least a far outlier).

The picture tells it much better than I can verbally explain it. It appears that the “Light Attack Damage vs Carapace Armoured” value window is marked as an intended ratio (0.5 - 1.00) but is interpretated by the game engine as a percentage ( 0.5% - 1%). My current thunderhammer has 0.82% penetration vs Carapace armor with light attacks. When compared to its other penetration amounts, it is difficult to overstate how much of an outlier this value is. This does not feel intended.

Testing in the Meatgrinder, output damage values on carapace parts function in line with this discovery.