Crashed during finale in chaos wastes expedition

Playing with friends we seem to get a crash around every third Chaos Wastes run on average, with and without mods. Still hoping at some point the mode will be adjusted to remember your last run so you can continue from the same point in the event of a crash as my friends got frustrated to the point they all quit after this one.

It was particularly frustrating as it was during the finale after the boss (we were four players), we had maybe two mins left to finish. It happened when I (the host) chucked a bomb (didn’t crash on any earlier bombs in the level, as added info we had the Miracle that gives item drops from enemies active). I think it was Tzeentch lightning and it was the green arena with the bridge over to the scroll area (not the super small arena or the two stage one) but I’m drawing a bit of a blank on the curse as it was late last night - we were pretty op this run.

Hoping the error logs can shed some light on why this one happened.

crash_dump-2021-06-18-19.47.21-93afa42b-eeba-4c8d-92d5-506a5eb6e1b8.dmp (919.2 KB)
console-2021-06-18-19.47.21-93afa42b-eeba-4c8d-92d5-506a5eb6e1b8.log (2.9 MB)
console-2021-06-18-19.47.21-93afa42b-eeba-4c8d-92d5-506a5eb6e1b8 p2.txt (3.7 MB)
console-2021-06-18-19.47.21-93afa42b-eeba-4c8d-92d5-506a5eb6e1b8 p3.txt (3.7 MB)
console-2021-06-18-19.47.21-93afa42b-eeba-4c8d-92d5-506a5eb6e1b8 p4.txt (3.4 MB)
(I had to split up the log into four as it was ~13mb)

Sorry about this, I appreciate it’s disheartening. Admittedly we are having issues identifying the cause of crashes of this nature - I’ll discuss this with my colleagues on Monday.

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