Crash on Screaming Bell, first dropdown, patrol?

Just got that error message right before the first drop down on Bell, will post a video later:

GUID: e261696d-11cb-478d-a1a3-d742ea0956d0
Log File:
Info Type:
[Script Error]: g_props_generic_inn_bottle_02

[Crash Link]:


EDIT: Next crash, same map…
[Script Error]: g_props_generic_inn_bottle_07

console-2018-08-27-08.15.02-AB81F39E-2572-4F44-AA01-99C7.log (263.5 KB)

crash_dump-2018-08-27-07.36.31-A1012FCE-9C74-4535-AB8A-4835.dmp (483.0 KB)

Got a Crash in the loading Screen of Screamin Bell.

Also just got a crash even before the loading screen of screaming bell

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