Crash after f@cked up barrel interaction

Issue Summary: Crashed after a barrel bugged out on me

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play WS
  2. pick up a barrel
  3. dodge a leech with barrel
  4. Ult the leech after dodge, without dropping the barrel
  5. Ult doesnt activate, barrel disappears, game seemingly works fine, you can see your weapon set(can hit enemies, etc)
  6. Get hit once, see barrel ignition animation on your hands
  7. crash after 3 sec of getting hit

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Once (first time it happened)

Additional Information:
GUID: 38688a5f-120b-4521-81af-9727ab34ad2d
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: foundation/scripts/util/error.lua:22: Trying to destroy weapon without permission

DxDiag.txt (79.3 KB)
console-2018-09-19-20.27.54-7DFA9D7C-DF0F-4D35-84F9-7030.log (492.8 KB)
crash_dump-2018-09-19-20.27.54-7DFA9D7C-DF0F-4D35-84F9-7030.dmp (445.2 KB)

Thank you for your detailed report, I’ve raised this with development.

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