Common crash happens in 4.6 patch

GUID: a5300fcb-ef49-40db-ba9b-8a9c9f6f806a
Log File:
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[Script Error]: …ns/human/ai_player_unit/ai_husk_locomotion_extension.lua:227: bad argument #3 to ‘set_local_rotation’ (userdata expected, got nil)

console-2022-03-16-08.31.29-28038138-d3aa-4f36-8f38-7d80b0eb627c.log (502.6 KB)

Same crash as Crushing when play your game

Does anyone know what causes this crash (so we can avoid it while this crash is unfixed)?

I also got this crash error message while playing as a client, and as SoTT in Righteous Stand, in the end event part in the temple.

It seems to be completely random, i had it occur 4 times last night on different maps with different careers and no mods.

Sorry about this. We’ve very recently released a hotfix, so please make sure you have that downloaded as it should resolve many of the crashes players have been experiencing.

I definitely crash at least as frequently and pretty much randomly as before the hotfix. I’ll post reports the next couple of times it happens. I never had crashes before 4.6 (since CW runs stable), but now CW is a guaranteed crash on one of the first maps for me. The last 2-3 times it happened right as I was trying to Ult with Waystalker. The common “tricks” (default skins and hats for Bots), DX11 and all are already applied and don’t change anything for me. All people I meet in lobbies affirm though, that they have constant crashes too.

GUID: f8a66f6f-261e-4072-83c2-3a93896a2bf0
Log File:
Info Type:

Just tried it and it crashed during the testrun :sweat_smile:

Actually got to enjoy a couple of maps without crash - but no full run yet. Just crashed on the last step of the Citadel:

(Somehow it didnt let me paste the crashreport…)

crash_dump-2022-03-16-12.33.03-8f4f5283-e8aa-47e4-a46d-4daee132406e.dmp (754.1 KB)

We’re working to address the remaining crashes, and hoping to release another patch tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

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Crashed when I was about to pick up a dice from a chest:

console-2022-03-16-16.51.51-a3469a3c-99b2-4b75-92cf-236199ccb5de.log (1.2 MB)
crash_dump-2022-03-16-16.51.51-a3469a3c-99b2-4b75-92cf-236199ccb5de.dmp (691.1 KB)

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