Crank Gun should be more rewarding to use

Gromril Plated shots already slow/knock back enemies.


I suppose engineer works way better with friends, in my experience with random folks everyone does their own things

On top of crank gun wind-up, the first bullet also deals reduced damage, constantly swapping crank gun with other weapons will lose a good chunk of damage potential.

A slow down bullet will be really cool, personally I just wish I can move while shooting.

Yes, it can stop chaos warrior from my testing, the time to kill is kinda lengthy though.

Which level 10 talent do you use ?

Leading shot or scavenged shot depending on the loadout

That’s what we’ve realised too. He’s really team reliant, but he’s designed around other Careers not being able to solo half of the game alone or splitting up.

Against high density, when people group up is when he pops off, and then he’ll decimate everything.

Playing with GK/Zealot/Shade who all run off and play solo makes him incredibly frustrating, but nerfing them to force team play probably won’t happen. Or noone is playing CC Weapons and chooses to play the ‘all split up and kite forever’ game.

I mostly just push to good holding spots and camp solo, as Shield with Opportunist allows you to make enough space to quickly switch.

More move speed is an option too. Rocket dodges could be fun.


At the end of the day, ppl play what they want. In random teams you see shade and zealot a lot, and at this rate I will swap to other classes after getting engi cosmetics.
Why bother with engi’s team composition when ranger can smoke bomb+ masterwork pistol to wipe out patrol, boss and support his team with drops.

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I hope CC or move speed will change that.

Just keep him in mind for any high density scenarios. He’s going to be amazing for Tzeentch and stuff.


Gotta admit, I kinda wish the crank gun was a grenade launcher and the ult bar gave you a grenade every few minutes that you could store up to a maximum of 3. That would make Engineer feel more unique. All this crank micromanagement for sub-par crowd control (compared to drakefire cannon or cog hammer) or inaccurate elite killing (compared to handgun or explosive bomb) feels like too much effort for the modest return. The boss killing poterntial of the crank gun is good, but if that’s my main role I’ll take shade, BH, GK, or slayer before engineer.

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I really wish they’d given us Grenade Blunderbuss as engineer exclusive weapon. That would have been lovely.

However, I do love the crank gun. Its balancing is near perfect as an ability. Only thing that does become tedious is the cranking, which needs some look into from a QoL perspective.

I think people just need to get used to it behaving so vastly different from other abilities.

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I do like we actually have a minigun like rattling gunner.
Speaking of grenade launcher, I thought they could give kruber a cannon as ranged weapon. Kruber’s design fits the clanky but hard hitting style.

When I first heard about the cranking, I thought the crank gun has unlimited ammo but player can build pressure to increase fire rate for better damage output. That could be more incentive to crank I suppose.
That said, the current system is fine, I just expect more from all that requirements/downside.

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That’s half true and half filthy filthy lie. It melts SV, but without a strength potion Gromril shots has straight garbage damage against CWs. Yes piercing shots does indeed let you tickle two CWs at once but that doesn’t bring it up to even ok super armour damage.


With strength potion normal crank gun can also kill cw fairly quick.
The plated shot does stagger cw to a point he can’t get to you, though in my testing teammates often claimed the kill while I was “supporting” them.


Damage could be a little higher, recharge a little faster, bar should be a bit longer.

There, I said it! :smiley:

I prefer to add talents addressing his downsides, but that helps.

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