Constant Crashing to Desktop

Issue Description:
Game constantly crashes every 5-10 minutes, regardless of whether I’m in a mission or not. Was consistently crashing in the prologue’s inquisitor cutscene until I skipped it. I also crashed multiple times during the closed beta and seems to be even more frequent now.

Crash Report (If Applicable):
I didn’t copy it from the error reporter when it happened. Is there any other way to provide this other than waiting for another crash to occur? I think this is the GUID for the most recent crash based on the dump files: a3a8f30d-0b78-4553-940d-e41390c59226

Steps to Reproduce:
Other than the inquisitor cutscene, it seems to be completely at random once you are in-game. I have crashed simply standing around in the hub, while on missions, during combat, watching cutscenes, etc. Nothing of note preempts it.

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[11/17/2022, 1:00PM through 3:00PM] [EST]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-11-17-20.34.03-a3a8f30d-0b78-4553-940d-e41390c59226.log (56.5 KB)
Only uploaded the most recent one, there are 6 other logs, but all the same errors seems like.

Upload user_settings.config:
user_settings.config (3.0 KB)

THe logs seem to indicate a GPU issue (possibly) though you’re running the latest drivers

Can you try reinstalling the Nvidia drivers but select the “clean install” option (its like a tiny checkbox option when you do the install) then reboot your system and see if that improves stability

Based on the information within your logs, it appears that you are encountering a GPU-related crash.

We’re working with our hardware partners to identify and solve underlying issues. However, it’s possible that these crashes may be the result of a localised driver-related issue and the like.

You can find information on how to solve localised GPU crashes here:

Please be aware that this may reduce the rate at which you experience crashes, but may not eliminate them at this time - please remember, we are looking into it!

FWIW nobody experiencing this bug need waste their time doing this, otherwise following the GPU crash FAQ support will link you to, or playing with TDR config if you happen to know what that is and were as suspicious of it as I.

Not one of those steps have even the slightest impact on the problem or how regularly it occurs; the game will simply be unplayable for OP/others such as myself experiencing this crash bug until the devs figure out what driver shenanigans are killing them and ship a patch.

Try disabling DLSS and reducing worker threads to 1.

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hi, i have the same problem, my game closes suddenly
Most of the time, I can’t play because of this.

GUID: 1a4e6646-6e32-4efa-8e68-c93cbc4a75a3
Log File: Info Type: --------------------------------- -------------- ------------------------------------ -----------
[Crash Link]: crashify://1a4e6646-6e32-4efa-8e68-c93cbc4a75a3

darktide_launcher.log (410.9 KB)