[CONSOLE] Xbox CU 46 & Playstation Patch 1.36


Thank you for your patience with some of the recent issues with the console patch. This patch was originally meant to help prepare our backend systems for the anniversary event in March, but caused some conflicts with certain DLCs, resulting in crashes for players.

Today we are releasing a hotfix for these conflicts on both console platforms. This patch solves conflicts with these DLCs on the following systems:


  • Acolyte of Sea & Storm
  • Absent Friends Collection


  • Acolyte of Sea & Storm
  • Back to Ubersreik

These hotfixes for Xbox and Playstation are 3.1GB and 1.5GB in size respectively.

Thank you again for your patience and support!


I get that this is an issue but when you sell vermintide 2 premium edition on sale on the PlayStation store. When it is not even playable online is unexcusable in my opinion. I spent my hard earned money on a game I can’t even play.

I do very much appreciate that it was handled in a day or two but still I paid money for a game I could not play for multiple days

Man, they took like 24 hours to notice and correct the problem, that is veeeery good timing. This stuff happens only because vermintide dev try to improve the game constantly, i think we can excuse a couple mistakes here and there. I’m personally impressed in how quickly the devs reacted.

Thank you, that was quick.
Now just tell us about next sienna career, pleeeeaaase?

No, really, great job👍

So what about that patch for disappearing cosmetics? And the fix for Kerillian’s headgear constantly disappearing? It’s not even an option to equip her basic headgear, she’s always bald on all of her career character models and it’s really annoying and I tried to deal with it by buying a cosmetic but that disappeared literally the next time I logged into the game so I’m still stuck with the bald elf. And yes, I’ve tried logging on and offline, restarting the game etc and nothing works, cosmetics just don’t exist and her basic headgear is non-existent too. And I honestly wouldn’t even be annoyed if her basic headgear was just in her inventory so she could stop being bald but I guess that’s too much to ask?

3.1gb? Why is mine 91gb?