Cloak of the Handmaiden

Fatshark, fix it, please.

Isn’t that just a physics thing?

Doesn’t it sort itself out once she starts moving or she’s downed?

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She’s a wizard, lol.

I think it’s also effected by setting in Graphics, down the bottom. Can’t remember what it’s called.

Haven’t you all heard? That’s all the rage in Ulthuan this year.


That’s doesn’t happen to cloak of the Waystalker.

It does tho.

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Yeah, this is just a “weird movement” issue and it will happen in any game where you allow the game to have physics. If your character goes to a weird place and does a weird thing with loose-flowing clothing they will get tangled with it. Clipping issues occur in every game; tis a normal occurance. The answer is to remove the physics from it… less pretty than having it catch once in a while.

The same issue has always occurred with games that assign the feet/legs of the characters to conform to the ground/stairs beneath them. More than once I’ve seen my Dark Souls character have his knee go promptly through his forehead.

It’s normal.

This the «normal» only happens to Handmaiden.

According to @SmokerT69 it doesn’t.

Aye, it happens on WS as well. Gets stuck between her legs and goes nuts.

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