Clipping through Map, stuck on escape ramp

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Issue Description:
So far have had two instinces of severe clipping issues on two maps (sorry forget the map names):

  1. during the ammo loading mission, the team was hit by a flamer right at the door to the escape ship … myself, only remaining, when trying to simply wall up the ramp, I was clipped UNDER the ramp and forced into crouch and unable escape from underneath = mission failed. – several other instances I find my character cannot easily walk up this ramp either, even jumping sometimes have difficulty.

I THINK this may have been done by crouch walking into the ramp? (Or jumping at/on it), unsure

  1. the map (chasm station?) With a series of staircases going upward (large gap in the middle, several other visible floors blocked by gates below, myself and a teammate were hit by a nurgle demon (i had my usual random disconnect as well) and launched to one of the lower floors somehow — when below, stairs are non-substantial and we fall through the map and eventually die; gates are blocking so cannot escape = run failed, just trapped and have to jump to our death through invisible steps

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[11/20/2022 11:00PM] [EST]

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Sadly due to quick nature and disconnects, was unable to grap a good screenshot in time :confused: