Clients lose coins after (failed) run

Playing cataclysm after the most recent patch (.6) and after failing a run, all members except the host have their coins set to zero.
I don’t think we lose them after a success, but I cannot be certain.

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Can confirm client coins set to zero.

Lost coins twice in a row, both were successful runs on legend. Got the ending of the second one on video, can upload if needed. Both times was a client, both times played ranger veteran.

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Also not retaining coins after any run. The firsttime this happened was a citadel run where they ended the mission while I was still dead, now I don’t carry over coins on any run no matter what the outcome is.

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We’re working on it, apologies for the inconvenience. :frowning:


I lose coins even if I haven’t joined a CW match. I got a “The host has closed the game. You have been disconnected.” error message before I’ve joined a CW lobby (map has not yet loaded). When I got back to my keep, I now had zero coins.

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