Character customization

Guys please give us better character customization faces please all of these are so horrid… You guys absolutely nailed the gameplay but characters customization is terrible


I second this, as I have felt the same about it since Closed Beta, and in Pre-Order-Beta added just one or two more hairstyles that I could see (depending on the classes, only Psyker got one more).

Regardless, I agree on the Gameplay is superb (other than crashes here and there and heavy performance hiccups at times), the game is both fun and enjoyable from a gameplay standpoint.

I would say that I am fine with the hairstyles as a whole if other types were added in that is more “normal.”
I am not here to ask the team to remove anything, but rather add to make everyone feel included than being forced to like something they do not. The character story, RP, and Banter elements are the best ones I have seen to date, it is just a shame about the character customization as a whole when it comes to the looks.

I also wonder why aren’t there any Ponytails, or Thin Shorthairs that are medium-sized in length similar to Sister of Battle (Bob wigs) for female characters. I also checked with the male characters, the beard selection is great, but the hairstyles look a bit weird at the end of it 8copy pasted the female hairs).

What I am trying to say is, are our characters supposed to be from a Hive-Gang location? If so, then the hairstyles make sense, but according to the background choices we could pick, wouldn’t it make more sense to have other options that reflect the choices you picked?
For example Dark Heresy Tabletop game, I got one time a Female Voidborn Techpriest character that was Bald, and our Psyker was afraid of Bald women (background from rolls, but that is not the point).
What I am saying is that the character you picked from the backgrounds should connect with what you could get or at least have the options to make it connect. I am a very Roleplay focused person with 10 years of GMing experience, hence why I was in love with the background system, but also disappointed with the character options.

I gave some feedback on this earlier in the Closed Beta, and many of the issues are still persistent other than fixing and adding other elements to the game.

Hopefully, this will serve as some good examples.
If hairstyles are the question, I can get reference pictures and so forth to highlight examples.

Gameplay 9/10
Background choices 9/10
Character Customization 4/10
Voice selection 10/10 (if I could give more, I would!)

Yeah hair styles, faces. are weird.